I’m a writer, creator, IT/MBA graduate, and entrepreneur. I write on topics related to personal development, books, personal finance, health, education, writing and life in general. My goal is to inspire you and make an impact on your life through my words. I’m still learning and exploring. But I try my best to share the things I have learned and experienced in life.

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always do your best

Always Do Your Best

“Concentrate every minute like a Roman” —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. No matter what you do, do your best. It can be the work at your job, creative work, or simply a

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take a day off

Take A Day Off

We all have good days and bad days. Somedays, you feel energetic and productive; other days, you don’t feel like doing anything. It might be due to any event that

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How to get anything you want in life

How To Get Anything You Want

There is a lot of “life advice” on the internet. People have all kinds of stories regarding how to achieve your desires. But, the process I’m going to discuss is

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